1. Show grounds open at 7.30am. Exhibits must be on show in the Community Centre before 11.00am. Exhibits must not be removed before 4.00pm without written permission from the Show Secretary.
2. Competitors are responsible if entered in classes which clash.
3. Exhibitors must satisfy themselves that their exhibits are in correct classes and bear correct number before judging commences.
4. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to be on time for the judging of their class.
5. The judges are empowered to withhold prizes in classes in which there is not sufficient competition or merit.
6. The judges’ decisions as to the merit in all classes shall be final. Any objections should be lodged
in writing with the secretary within 30 minutes following the completion of the competition, with a fee of €50, which will be returned if the objection is upheld. €50 per person per objection.
7. All exhibits must be bona fide property of exhibitor and in the Home Craft classes, must have been made by the exhibitor and not previously exhibited at the Oughterard Show. In the produce classes, exhibits must have been produced in the exhibitors farm or garden.
8. Market Gardeners shall not be eligible for garden produce classes. Factories shall not be eligible for home crafts section. Bakeries shall not be eligible for cookery classes.
9. No entry fee will be returned on entries not exhibited.
10. Classes with 2 entrants or less will be cancelled. The entry fee will be returned.
11. The committee will not be responsible for any loss or accident which may occur to exhibits, exhibitors or to the general public.
12. Exhibitors and spectators must obey the directions of the safety officer/stewards at all times. Any exhibitor or spectator who refuses to comply with such instructions do so at their own risk and Oughterard Show Committee accept no responsibility for any accident which may occur from non-compliance with safety officer / stewards instructions.
13. In the interest of safety all animals must be led by competent persons.
14. All Horses & Ponies and especially Foals must be shown in headstall, cavessons and / or to be led in bridle only. All cattle must be in headstalls.
15. No person shall be allowed to enter the judging ring in any class except the stewards of that class and those in charge of the animals. No steward shall officiate in any class in which he is an exhibitor, or wear his/her stewards badge while showing such exhibit. Any exhibitor interfering with the judging will be disqualified.
16. The judges shall have the power to have prize winning animals examined by a V.S, whose certificates shall be limited to the statement “Sound” or “Unsound”, soundness being a necessary qualification in every case. The Veterinary examination shall be of the standard to which the animal would be submitted for an intending purchaser.
17. The person to whom a cup is awarded shall give security to the committee that the cup shall be delivered to the secretary at least 14 days prior to succeeding show, and in the same condition as it was received.
18. Winners of confined sections may enter in open sections.
19. No animal or exhibitor should enter the ring wearing a rosette, except in a Championship.
20. 5% will be deducted from prize money in the Cattle, Pony, Horse & Sheep Section for the ISA Championship fund.
21. Should any matter arise not provided for in these rules and regulations, the same shall be referred to the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final and from which there is no appeal.
22. The Show Committee and Directors reserve the right to abandon or postpone the show or cancel / alter any class.
23. All entries must be lodged with the Entries Secretary by August 17th 2018.
Numbers to be collected in Entry Secretary’s office on show day. No Refund given on any Entries.