Domestic Arts


Enquiries to Chief Steward: Regina O’Toole 087 6302719
Contact between 18:00 and 20:00
Entry Fee: €3.00
Prize Money: 1st- €15, 2nd- €12, 3rd- €8, except for light, rich, boiled and porter cake classes where prize money is 1st- €20,2nd- €15, 3rd- €10.
Entry Fees: Teen Talent Classes is €2.00 per class &Children’s corner is €2.00 per class. 
Prize money for Teen Talent and Children’s Corner: see relevant sections
RULES & REGULATIONS: To be read in conjunction with Show Regulations
1. All exhibits must be bona fide property of exhibitor and in the Home Craft classes, must have been made by the exhibitor and not 
previously exhibited at the Oughterard Show. In the produce classes, exhibits must have been produced in the exhibitor’s farm or garden. 
2. Entries will not be accepted on the day nor will change of entries be allowed on the day.
3. Exhibitors must satisfy themselves that their exhibits are in correct classes and bear correct number before judging commences. 
4. Market Gardeners shall not be eligible for garden produce classes. 
5. Factories shall not be eligible for home crafts section. 
6. Bakeries shall not be eligible for cookery classes. 
7. Registered members of Professional Associations may not exhibit in their areas of registration.
8. Exhibits must not be removed before 4pm without permission from the Chief Steward. Entries will not be accepted on the day nor will 
change of entries be allowed on the day.
9. The judges are empowered to withhold prizes in classes in which there is not sufficient competition or merit. 
10. The judges’ decisions as to the merit in all classes shall be final. Any objections should be lodged in writing with the secretary within 30 
minutes following the completion of the competition, with a fee of €50, which will be returned if the objection is upheld – €50 per person 
per objection.
11. **1 Entry per person per class 
****Not previously exhibited at the Oughterard Show
12. As Sections 13 and 14 have age restrictions, named entrants must be of the chosen age group. 
13. Teen Talent and Children’s Corner Prizes will be given out at 4.30pm Sunday 27th August.
CLASS 301 6 sods of Turf (Hand Won) 
CLASS 302 Machine Turf – 6 Sods
CLASS 303 Potatoes – Records (5 potatoes) 
CLASS 304 Potatoes – Kerr Pinks (5 potatoes) 
CLASS 305 Potatoes – Roosters (5 potatoes) 
CLASS 306 Potatoes – Any other variety (5 potatoes), correctly named 
CLASS 307 Potatoes – (3) Named variety, table quality, boiled in jackets
CLASS 308 Onions – Sets (5) Commercial Quality 
CLASS 309 Onions – Sets (3) Biggest Onion. Uniform in size 
CLASS 310 Shallots – (5)
CLASS 311 Salad Onions (Set of 6) 
CLASS 312 Parsnips – (3) 
CLASS 313 Carrots – Red long 
CLASS 314 Garden Peas – (10) pods 
CLASS 315 Beet Root – (3) 
CLASS 316 Lettuce – (3) Heads, same variety, correctly named 
CLASS 317 Garden Cabbage – (1) Head, any variety correctly named 
CLASS 318 Garden Turnip – Swede 
CLASS 319 Vegetable Marrow 
CLASS 320 Selection of Organic Vegetables in a container
CLASS 321 Rhubarb – (6) Sticks 
CLASS 322 Apples (Cooking) – 3 of any variety 
CLASS 323 Apples (Dessert) – Any variety, dish of 5 
CLASS 324 Tomatoes – Dish of 5
CLASS 325 Pears, 5 of any variety
N.B. Exhibits exceeding the stated sizes will be eliminated 
CLASS 327 Flowering Pot Plant – Pot not more than 250mm in diameter 
CLASS 328 Window box or small container not more than 250mm in diameter 
CLASS 329 Flowering Shrub – One stem in vase. Stem 450mm minimum height 
CLASS 330 Dahlias – Cactus 3 blooms 
CLASS 331 Dahlias – other than the above, 3 blooms, one/more varieties 
CLASS 332 Rose/Floribunda – any variety, 1 stem only 
CLASS 333 Rose/Hybrid/T – 3 specimen blooms 
CLASS 334 Rose of the Show – Single Bloom 
CLASS 335 Garden Flowers – one stem only 
CLASS 336 Selection of Cottage Garden Flowers 
CLASS 337 Vase of Sweet Pea 
N.B. Exhibits exceeding the stated sizes will be eliminated 
CLASS 338 Foliage Only Arrangement -Space allowed not more than 600mm 
CLASS 339 Autumn Glory – a flower arrangement along with any other material 
eg fruit, foliage, moss, cones, twigs etc. Space allowed not more than 600mm 
CLASS 341 Bunch of Wild Flowers & Foliage in a Vase (No Garden Escapes) 
CLASS 342 Arrangement with a candle – Space allowed not more than 450mm 
CLASS 343 Arrangement with 5 of the same Blooms with Foliage – Space allowed 600mm
CLASS 344 Arrangement or a Miniature Arrangement. 
Space allowed not more than 100mm (4 inch)
Please note the cakes will be cut by the judges in order for the exhibit to be judges fairly
CLASS 345 Soda Bread – White 
CLASS 346 Soda Bread – Wholemeal 
CLASS 347 Tea Bread – eg Ginger, Date, Banana, and Tea Brack 
CLASS 348 6 Wholemeal Scones 
CLASS 349 6 Scones – other than wholemeal 
CLASS 350 Light Fruit Cake 
CLASS 351 Madeira cake 
CLASS 353 Rich Fruit Cake 
CLASS 354 Cheese Cake 
CLASS 355 Boiled Fruit Cake 
CLASS 356 Sandwich – Jam 
CLASS 357 Sandwich – Any Flavour, Decorated 
CLASS 358 Porter Cake 
CLASS 359 Apple Tart 
CLASS 360 Fruit Tart 
CLASS 361 Gluten-free cakes 
CLASS 363 Homemade Butter
CLASS 365 Fruit Jelly-Main fruit named (eg. Apple, Red Currant or Blackberry) 
CLASS 366 Blackcurrant Jam 
CLASS 367 Gooseberry jam 
CLASS 368 Marmalade 
CLASS 369 Strawberry Jam 
CLASS 370 Raspberry Jams 
CLASS 371 Blackberry jam 
CLASS 372 Rhubarb jam 
CLASS 373 Chutney (Main Fruit named)
SECTION 9 EGGS (Displayed on a plate or in egg box Space allowed 300mmx300mm) 
CLASS 374 6 New Laid Brown or White Hen Eggs 
CLASS 375 6 New Laid Duck Eggs
not previously exhibited at the Oughterard Show
CLASS 376 Hand Knitted Article; Cardigan, Jumper, Gloves, Socks etc. 
CLASS 378 Hand Knitted Article; eg, toy, decorative item (not clothing) 
CLASS 380 Crochet in Cotton or Wool 
CLASS 381 Article in Tapestry or Cross stitch 
CLASS 382 Patchwork Quilt – Any Size 
CLASS 383 Something New from Something Old 
CLASS 384 Handmade or Machine Sewn Item – any homemade craft item not covered by above
CLASS 385 Wood or Stone Carving 
CLASS 386 Turned Wood Item 
CLASS 388 Handmade Greeting Card 
CLASS 389 Any Item of Jewellery – may include beadwork
Not previously exhibited at the Oughterard Show
All Paintings to be limited to 450mm X 350MM
CLASS 390 Landscape in Oils 
CLASS 391 Landscape in Water-Colour 
CLASS 392 Water-colour other than Landscape 
CLASS 393 Painting in Oils 
CLASS 394 Portrait – in any medium 
CLASS 395 Writer’s Corner – A Short Story or Poem
*1 Entry per person per class
****Not previously exhibited at the Oughterard Show
******Unframed & Unmounted, Maximum Size not exceeding 250mm X 200mm
CLASS 396 Scenery – in Colour 
CLASS 397 Portrait – in Colour 
CLASS 398 Any Other Subject in Colour 
CLASS 399 A Subject depicting any aspect of a Show – in Colour 
CLASS 400 An Amusing or Topical photograph with suitable caption- B&W or Colour.
(Caption must be attached when entering) 
CLASS 401 Any Subject – In Black and White (recent) 
CLASS 402 Best Selfie 
Entry Fee: €2 Prize money: 1st – €10, 2nd – €7 and 3rd – €5
CLASS 405 Craft Item in any medium (up to & including Junior Cert) 
CLASS 406 Pencil Drawing not exceeding 300mm x 300mm 
CLASS 408 Photography – An Amusing Photograph, 1 entry per person 
CLASS 409 Photography – A Serious Study, 1 entry per person 
CLASS 410 Home Made Decorated cake (sponge or madeira) 
CLASS 413 Most people in a selfie (not in school uniform ) 
CLASS 415 New from old – Upcycled item Item made from recycled material
SECTION 14 CHILDREN’S CORNER (less than 13 yrs of age) 
Entry Fee: €2 Prize Money: 1st – €10, 2nd – €7 and 3rd – €5
CLASS 416 Novelty – less than 8yrs of age: eg play dough, plasticine 
CLASS 417 Novelty – Over 8yrs of age and under 13 yrs. old age: eg knitting, bracelets etc. 
CLASS 418 Decorated Hard Boiled Egg – Under 10 yrs of age 
CLASS 419 Doll in Hand Made Clothes 
CLASS 420 Miniature Garden on a lid or tray – Max Size 450mm x 350mm
CLASS 421 A vase of Wild Flowers – any kind 
CLASS 422 Picture-Any medium. Less than 8 yrs.1 picture per child. Max size 350mm x 350mm
CLASS 423 Picture -Any medium. 8, 9 &10 yrs. 1 picture per child. Max size 350mm x 350mm
CLASS 424 Picture -Any medium. 11 & 12 yrs. 1 picture per child. Max size 350mm x 350mm
CLASS 425 Poster promoting any sport. 1 entry per child; Max size 500mm x 500mm 
CLASS 426 Cup Cakes -6 
CLASS 427 Hand Made Greeting Card 
CLASS 428 The Green Class – Item made from recycled material 
CLASS 429 Poem – May be original in English or Irish and must be your own work. 8yrs of age and over
CLASS 430 A Short Story on “Your Local Area” -May be original in English or Irish and 
must be your own work. 8 yrs of age and over.
Entries for Classes 429 & 430 to be lodged in Show Office before Friday 11th August